Top 5 Flash Games You Really Need To Play

What are Online Flash Browser Games

These are online gamesin the sense that you play them when your internet data is on. In other words, you must be connected to the internet while playing these games. In fact, browser games are always very interesting due to the fact that sometimes they link you up with players in other parts of the world. However, they are usually very short as compared to offline games and do not require any special operating system. Online flash browser games usually create room for interaction among the players with their locations notwithstanding.

Top 5 Games

It is very important for you to know exactly where you can get the best online games. The good news is that you are in the right place now. Here are the top 5 online games you really need to play:

snake game

·        Snake

This is one of the most popular games in the world. It can be played both offline through your cell phone and online via the internet. The game, though very interesting, is quite simple to understand. In this game, you are the small size snake that will have to eat dot-like food that appears one after the other in order to grow in length. You must avoid hitting yourself or the game wallsto keep from terminating the game. It has three stages which determine the speed level of the game. If you are a newcomer, it is advisable you start with the slowest snake called the slug, whereas an intermediate player can start with the second level called worm, and of course if you are an expert in the snake game, you can start with the fastest snake called the python.

8-Ball Pool

·        8-Ball Pool

If you are a lover of snooker, then this is a game for you. In this game, you will have to play with someone anywhere in the world, or you can still play against the computer. It is made up of 8 balls – one black, one white and six same color balls. The rule is very simple. You control the stick with your mouse and the stick is used to hit the white ball, which in turn hits into the pockets the other same color balls, whereas the black is hit lastly.


·        Tetris

This is an awesome flash browser game that has to do with the arrangement of blocks of the same kinds without allowing them to get to the top wall. When the arranged same kind blocks get to a certain point, they are deleted, thereby awarding you points.But when they are not arranged properly until they fill the game screen, then that’s the end of the game. Also, as you progress in the game, the speed with which the blocks come down increases and this makes the arrangement of the same kind of blocks more difficult. The arrow keys direct the blocks to your desired position. It is a game you cannot afford to miss.

io game

  • io is one of the most played games on the internet with well over 200,000 players. It is similar tothe snake game, but in this case you are no longer a snake but a cell. You go about swallowing smaller cells in order to get bigger. The rule of the game is that you avoid bigger cells from swallowing you and you do this by making sure you do not go close to a bigger cell. You can also play this game with your friends and with other people you do not know. You do not need anyone to tell you that this game must be an interesting one. Try it today!


·        Canabalt

This is a flash game that calls for your smartness. It is entirely different from the ones above. As a matter of fact, it has no superb graphics, but its black and white graphics do not reduce the fun you will derive at all. In Canabalt, you have to run through and jump up and down through obstacles as virtually everything wants to fall on you. Interestingly, nothing seems to be an obstacle to your moves as you have the ability to jump through windows, break glass, jump on rooftops, jump from one bridge to another and run through the streets. The game comes to an end once any obstacle falls on you. It has provision for two players, so you can play with your friends. It is actually very fun!